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The Graceful of Origami (Japanese Edition)

The Graceful of Origami (Japanese Edition)

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This book includes folding instructions for 28 origami models across 7 categories: Fantasy Creatures, Birds, Animals, Insects, Imaginary Beings, and Tyrannosaurus. Compared to the previous edition(The Beauty of Origami), the designs are even more intricate and have a higher level of difficulty. 

This edition is brimming with fascinating origami works, such as the evolved version of "Crane Alien" called "Monster Tsurura," and iconic creatures from movies like "Godzilla (2016)" and "King Ghidorah." In particular, Yoshino Kazuo's legendary 1989 piece, the "Full Skeleton of Tyrannosaurus," is a must-see. 

While fantasy creature designs dominate this collection, you'll also find endearing pieces like "Cat," "Rockhopper Penguin," and "Small Bird," as well as unique creations like "Rose Crane" and "Person Reading a Newspaper." The most challenging piece is the "Hercules Beetle." Be sure to give it a try. 

By Makoto Yamaguchi

*** Disclaimer (Japanese Edition): Please note that this book's descriptions and folding patterns are written exclusively in Japanese. *** 

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