Collection: "Biotope" Paper

Most origami papers are designed for a specific purpose. For example, kami is great for practice, tant works well for modulars, and tissue foil is ideal for fine details. Biotope is an incredibly well-balanced paper that does a little bit of all of those, making it a great option for any model you can fold. Specifically it is around 52 GSM or around .08 mm thick, making it thinner than tant and thicker than kami. It is also stringer than a tissue foil and can be folded more times without cracking.

As a result, this is one of the most popular origami papers in Japan for folding origami.

+ This paper is prettier than cheaper options and photographs well.
+ It is thinner than Tant, making it a great choice for complex models.
+ Come in sizes up to 35cm squared.
+ It holds creases very well and is easy to reverse, making it stronger than tissue foil.

- Color options are a bit limited.
- It is a balanced paper overall, but doesn't excel in an particular category.