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The Elegance of Origami (Japanese Edition)

The Elegance of Origami (Japanese Edition)

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This book features folding instructions for 34 origami models that are cute, unique and cool. 

Chapter 1 comprises of relatively easy and adorable models like "Mouse" and "Harbor Seal." 

Chapter 2 showcases creatures that have caught attention, such as "Long-tailed Tit" and "Shoebill," along with interactive models like "Caterpillar" and "Skull."

Chapter 3 presents the "Divine Dragon", the most challenging model in this book. 

Additionally, there's a lineup of unique pieces like "Shampoo Bottle" and "Emergency Exit" that are sure to captivate! This edition is in full-color, with clear and easy-to-follow diagrams for a reader-friendly experience!

By Makoto Yamaguchi

*** Disclaimer (Japanese Edition): Please note that this book's descriptions and folding patterns are written exclusively in Japanese. *** 

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