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Taro's Origami Studio

Taro's Origami Studio: Elementary Origami

Taro's Origami Studio: Elementary Origami

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Taro's Origami Studio has become one of the leading online origami paper stores in the world, but there has always been a lack of high-quality beginner origami books Until Now! 

Founded in 2011, Taro's Origami Studio is one of the first and largest origami companies in the United States. For over a decade we have helped spread origami through countless lessons, birthday parties, after school programs, installations, and corporate events- but our core goal has always been to get people excited about and start folding origami. To fulfill that goal everyone needs access to excellent origami paper and easy-to-follow origami books, but most of us can remember picking up an origami book as a kid and getting really frustrated at the hieroglyphic-like instructions. That is why we have built from scratch the best easy origami book around.

Here are some of the exciting features in our new book:

* Larger Images - We limited each page to only 9 steps so that they are larger and easier to follow.
* Full Color Pages - Now every step comes to like in full detail.
* Our Own Kyu System - We divided all of origami into its 30 basic folds so now you can master every fold along the way.
* Varying Model Complexity - The models start simple and slowly increase in complexity - including 8 never-before published models, specially designed by our senior teaching staff.
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