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Taro's Origami Studio

Origami Worldwide + Large Paper Combo

Origami Worldwide + Large Paper Combo

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An intriguing mix of styles from around the world, this guide for origami folders features models that originated in Australia, Hungary, Bolivia, China, and India. Figures range from simple to moderately difficult and include a frog, ocean liner, penguin, hot air balloon, dragon, and kangaroo.

This is a combination package including a starter pack of Taro's premium large size 9.5 inch "Kami" origami paper & the textbook.

Taro's Large Origami Paper, 50 Sheets (9.5-in [24cm]), 50 colors (single-side) including gold & silver foil sheets

Origami Worldwide Edited by John Montroll and Brian K. Webb

Some models included in the book:




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