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Origami Menagerie: 21 Challenging Models

Origami Menagerie: 21 Challenging Models

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Origami enthusiasts will treasure this inventive collection of realistic animal and insect models. Created by a Spanish master of papiroflexio, or paperfolding, these intricate figures range in complexity from intermediate to extremely advanced. The 21 patterns come with detailed explanations of folding techniques and amazing finishing touches. The author includes instructions on how to prepare the paper for the figures, some of which use thick wet paper to achieve remarkable effects. 
Starting with the simplest and advancing to the most demanding, the models include aquatic life—two kinds of swans, a dugong (sea cow), a narwhal, a sea lion, a stingray, a crayfish, and a crocodile—a macaw, a black widow spider, and an incredible assortment of insects—two types of scorpions and stick insects, a leaf mantis, a black ant, and three varieties of beetles. More than 2,000 illustrations, 35 of them in bold color, offer step-by-step directions. 

By Manuel Sirgo Álvarez

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