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Origami Inside-Out (Third Edition in Full Color)

Origami Inside-Out (Third Edition in Full Color)

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Most traditional origami concentrates only on form. Now John Montroll, a world renowned master of origami, has added new realism to his folding by integrating color patterns into this exciting collection of 28 new projects. For this third edition in full color, diagrams have been improved. Each creation in this book is crafted from a single sheet of standard origami paper, white on one side and colored on the other. The papers are twisted, folded, bent almost magically to make animals and objects accurate not only in shape but also in pattern. John Montroll's raccoon wears a handsome mask, the ferocious tiger has a full set of stripes, and the technicolor Martians would grace a science-fiction movie. Besides animal projects, there are directions for elegant, multicolored geometric shapes and for a full-sized chess board, accompanied, of course, by a complete set of pieces. The instructions for each project include dozens of step-by-step, computer generated illustrations. With this book and a few packets of paper, everyone from beginner to expert can create beautiful works of origami art.

By John Montroll

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