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Taro's Origami Studio

6 Inch One Sided Single Colors (Red) 50 Sheets (All Same Color)

6 Inch One Sided Single Colors (Red) 50 Sheets (All Same Color)

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Taro's Origami Paper was designed and curated by Taro's Origami Studio artists and teachers based on countless hours of folding experience. Taro's Origami Studio Origami Paper is made in Japan, and its quality has been ensured with countless creases, squashes, and crimps. A pack of 6inch/15cm kami. Includes 50 sheets with single solid colors. If you wish to practice origami, this is a great stock of origami papers so you will always find the right paper you need for whatever origami project you create. This is a pack of authentic Japanese origami papers that are all solid colors on the front and white on the reverse.

-THIS IS THE MOST POPULAR PAPER FOR ORIGAMI. With about 60 GSM weight, RED color on one side, and a smooth folding surface, this paper is thin but strong and has great crease memory. This kind of one-sided color paper is called "KAMI" in Japanese and is the True Standard for origami folders around the world.

-TARO'S ORIGAMI STUDIO paper was designed and curated by our staff based on countless hours of teaching & folding. This authentic paper is made in Japan, uses the highest quality non-toxic inks, and is machine cut for pin-point accuracy. It is simply the highest quality for standard origami paper.

-INCLUDES FREE TARO'S ORIGAMI METHOD VIDEOS: follow the instructions on the back of this product to unlock FREE step-by-step videos using the TARO'S ORIGAMI METHOD to help you develop your origami skills.

-ORIGAMI CREATIONS you can make with this standard origami paper range from simple boats, cranes, and flowers to more elaborate models like dinosaurs, animals, and flowers.

-STANDARD 6 inch (15 cm), 50 SHEETS, SINGLE SIDED SINGLE COLOR (color on one side white on the other side, All same color), MADE IN JAPAN. Taro's Origami Studio is located in Brooklyn NY.
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