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Definitive Edition! Japanese Origami: 12 Months (Japanese Edition)

Definitive Edition! Japanese Origami: 12 Months (Japanese Edition)

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From children to the elderly, everyone loves origami. This book features folding instructions for approximately 200 origami models, including traditional and original pieces, showcasing the art of origami month by month(From January to December).  

This book is perfect for enjoying with family, creating seasonal decorations, adding to cards, or even using as a brain-training or rehabilitation activity — the possibilities for enjoying origami are limitless. With beautiful photographs and columns, we provide plenty of ideas and ways to have fun.

All folding diagrams are written in hiragana, making it easy for young children to follow along. In the final chapter, we introduce "Playful Origami," which includes models like spinning tops, paper airplanes, and finger puppets. 

The folding diagrams include sequential numbers and symbols, enabling non-Japanese speakers to fold using the diagrams. Additionally, the names of every origami model are provided in English as well. Why not share Japan's origami culture with people from around the world?

By Makoto Yamaguchi

*** Disclaimer (Japanese Edition): Please note that this book's descriptions and folding patterns are written exclusively in Japanese. *** 

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